My Personal Training sessions are bound by inspiration drawn from an extensive and diverse background, from my years as a national standard swimmer through to competing in Kettlebell Sport. Throughout my development as a trainer I continue to research and implement the most effective training methods, constantly improving my skills and abilities to benefit, teach and motivate. Whilst every client is unique, a common theme always presents itself in my training programmes; an unparalleled intensity and precise attention to detail.

I offer a professional, structured approach to personal training wrapped up in fun and enjoyment in two Manchester gyms; Train Manchester in Castlefield and Bannatynes Health Club on Chepstow Street. If you have seen me with my clients, you may notice that I don’t use one training style to achieve results. My programmes constantly change to prevent habituation. I target muscles from different angles, with different movements. So whether you are looking to create strong, lean muscles or add strength and bulk, my unique and versatile training sessions will deliver the results you are looking for.

Before we start, you will receive a free consultation which gives me the opportunity to:
Gather important personal information about yourself, such as your specific health and fitness goals. Whilst discussing how my style of Personal Training can help you achieve those goals. If we have time, I may perform a mini fitness assessment which may look at how you functionally move, what your flexibility is like and how you hold your posture.

During the consultation, you can decide how many times per week you want to train and when you want to train (subject to availability). Now you’re able to begin your Personal Training sessions, where as your fitness trainer I will make sure that each training phase is correctly performed whilst offering friendly motivation, support and advice. Over the coming weeks, months and hopefully years, your Training programme is constantly assessed, adapted and evolved to ensure that all your health and fitness ambitions are realised.

‘Nothing in the world can take the place of persistence.
Persistence and determination alone are supreme.
If you want to succeed in reaching your goals you must keep challenging yourself.
Push yourself to the limit and beyond’

Interested in working with me? Then all I ask is that you are serious about getting the results and changing your lifestyle for the better.
To book your FREE consultation please use the contact form, or alternatively you can speak to me via email or call on 07725517642.