In my conditioning classes I generally utilise two training tools. Kettlebells and your own bodyweight. I use this format in my conditioning classes as this style of training returns you to learning how to use your bodies better, as one unit. All the exercises are ground-based, and get you back on your feet, away from machines and benches!

Because you use so many muscle groups, the energy demands of my conditioning classes are much greater than conventional gym classes. By mixing up training styles and utilising both Kettlebell and bodyweight exercises, these workouts can potentially shed 600-1000 calories compared to 300-400 for a normal aerobics class.
Furthermore you’ll be boosting your metabolism, so you’ll be burning more fat for up to 36 hours afterwards!

For a full listing of all my current and upcoming classes, including any other events such as workshops or seminars please view my calendar. If you have any questions about any of my classes, whether it is to discuss setting up a class/workshop in your facility, or even whether I think you may be suitable to join in any of my classes, please don’t hesitate to get in contact.