It’s getting to that time of year again. The ending of one and the beginning of another. Prepare yourself people. It’s resolution time.

Prepare yourself for all the Self Help Guru’s who are due to make there yearly appearance, once they’ve pulled themselves out of their own asses for 5 minutes. Prepare yourself to be force fed the latest crap-fest of a detox diet, from the latest in fashion z-list celebrity. But what is more relevant at this time of year is the arrival of the ‘New Years Resolution’.
You know who and what I’m talking about. The kind of people who come out with…

‘New year. New me’
‘2016 is going to be my year’
‘I’m going to stop smoking. Start exercising and eat healthier’

For those who know me it doesn’t take a genius to figure out my response to all this. It’s the same bull****, every single damn year, from the same damn people. I like to call them ‘The Serial Resolutioners’. Those people who make resolutions, every single year, the same resolutions year in year out. Resolutions based on ideas of what they think they should be doing. Ideas spoon-fed to them through the media. Guess what? They always fail. Always.

But why?

They fail because generally the resolution isn’t personal to them. At the very least, make the resolution personal. Base it on what you WANT to be doing, not on what you think you SHOULD be doing. I don’t care if you make a resolution in January, February, August, December. Whenever. What I do care about is that you take some responsibility for it. Make it personal and commit to it. Don’t go about it half assed, because shock horror, you will get a half assed result. Be accountable for your decisions. All of them.

Another reason New Years Resolutions usually end up being scrapped after a few weeks is down to the timing. I’ve never understood why people wait for one day of the year to decide to make a change. If it’s important to you start right away. You’re waiting for one day. One day when there are 364 other perfectly good days to start a fresh, and to make some decisions. Why wait until one of the most miserable weeks of the year to make a change. The dreaded return to work. The depression from having no money and having put on a few lbs, because heaven forbid, you have actually enjoyed yourself for a few weeks of the year. Lets face it, it’s hardly the best environment to achieve results.

‘Every tomorrow is an outcome of what you do today, and the beauty of it all is that today is happening all the time.’
Craig D. Lounsbrough

So if you are one of ‘The Serial Resolutioners’. If you insist on making a resolution. Please make it personal to you. Make it realistic. Commit to it. Persevere with it. Show some resolve and make it a new habit. Don’t be one of the half assed generic douchebags!

With all this said and done. I hope you all have had a great Christmas and I truly wish you all the very best for 2016.

The year of showing some resolve.

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