The Three B’s…

The biomechanics involved in running are as confusing as they are interesting, so without baffling you with the effects and motions ground force reaction, gravity and momentum have on your body we’ll take a close look at what is known as The Three B’s. The Big Toe, the Butt and

Free your Sole…

So, I came across a post the other day on Facebook from a guy proclaiming that you were an idiot if you ran in barefoot trainers. That you were asking for injuries. I didn’t want to make a comment on his post, as I’m pretty sure it would of upset

Sports Psychology Series – Confidence

This latest post in my sports psychology series is all about ‘Confidence’. Why it is an important commodity for success? I will touch on the on the subject of self-efficacy, and how you may be able to enhance your own confidence levels to improve your performance. What is Confidence? Confidence

Sports Psychology Series – Motivation

There are three basic factors that influence sporting ability: fitness, technical skills and mental skills. Although many athletes will spend a lot of their time on their fitness and technical skills, the mental side is often neglected. Even before we start, we may often find a number of reasons for