Kim Graakjaer has been training with me since 2011. We have worked towards various goals, including general fitness, kettlebell training, half marathon training, gymnastics and preparing for CrossFit competitions. Here is what she has to say.

I’ve been training with Steve since 2011 and he has helped me work towards various goals during that time, including coaching in general fitness and sports nutrition, developing my kettlebell technique, training for a half marathon and most recently, taking part in my first CrossFit competition; The Rainfall Trials.

I started CrossFit in early 2014 and my weekly session with Steve has allowed us to work on specific elements and techniques to supplement my CrossFit training. In the run up to the competition Steve set my programming to work on the movements for the competition itself, focussing on developing my weaker areas and pushing my stronger elements to their full potential. In the seedings for the competition I was ranked 31 out of 38 in my group – on competition day I placed at 17 overall, a top half finish gaining 2 new PBs and equalling another one!

Yes, I put in a lot of time, work and effort; but so did Steve. His programming, support and encouragement really helped me to achieve on the day.

Kim Graakjaer

Kim Graakjaer

I’m now working with Steve on gymnastics elements for CrossFit, an area where I definitely struggle. I am confident though that with his help and expertise to guide and focus my training, I will make great progress.

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