My Kettlebell Training is based on a structured approach. I will teach you everything from the very basics to the more complicated ‘Sport’ movements and everything in between.

The general consensus is that the kettlebell is the single most effective training tool, due to its ability to simultaneously develop strength, flexibility, stability, endurance and cardiovascular capacity. Although kettlebells develop strength, a kettlebell-trained body is far from bulky. By encouraging the body to work as one integrated unit, kettlebell training differs from traditional weight training routines due to the fact it incorporates a series of dynamic, whole body, multi-directional moves which combine to provide the ultimate fat-blasting, functional workout in less time than that of conventional methods with dumbells, barbells and resistance machines.

My Kettlebell Training sessions constantly change to prevent habituation. I target muscles from different angles, with different movements. So whether you’re a beginner or an elite athlete you can become leaner, stronger, fitter and healthier by supplementing your training with kettlebells.

Interested in working with me? Then all I ask is that you are serious about getting the results and changing your lifestyle for the better.
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