My Gymnastic Strength Training (GST) is based on Coach Christopher Sommers ‘Gymnastic Bodies’ programming. For those that don’t know about Coach Sommer, he has 40 years as a USA JR National Team Coach under his belt. His progressive and meticulous approach to Gymnastic Strength Training is second to none.

Many people view gymnasts as superheroes, the incredible feats of strength and flexibility that many deem impossible to reach. But it is possible that all of us can reach a high level of skill if we show dedication and consistency in our training. Gymnastic bodies are built over time, over years and months of meticulous training. It’s not just down to genetics. Gymnastic Bodies is a structured, progressive approach to fitness and training, suitable for everyone. The programming that created hundreds of National, State and Regional champions in the USA has been adapted and scaled in a way that bridges the poor flexibility and strength of most adults with the possibilities opened up by high level gymnastics.

‘While some of the skills may seem daunting to an absolute beginner, mastery over the body is a product of correct training. Gymnastic Strength Training opens a world of possibilities for students who approach their workouts with dedication and consistency’.

My Gymnastic Strength Training follows the Gymnastic Bodies Foundation Course and focuses exclusively on the development of the seven GST fundamentals and the necessary mobility requirements that go hand in hand with them; Front Lever, Straddle Planche, Side Lever, Manna, Single Leg Squat, Hollow Back Press and Rope Climb.

The benefits of Gymnastic Strength Training is vast.

  • It has tremendous carryover to other sports and weightlifting.
  • Improve your performance or develop overall athleticism from scratch.
  • Train your core in unique ways to improve posture, function and performance.
  • Maximize muscle contraction by working the entire body at once.
  • Uniquely train the connective tissue and joints to prevent injury.

All that is required is a desire to better yourself, and to be dedicated and consistent with your training.

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