The Single Thruster combines two exercises into one; a Front Squat and an Overhead Press. They can also be performed with barbells, or dumbells. The Single Thruster is an effective exercise for a multitude of goals because it forces the entire body to work together.
The Single Thruster is a great exercise to develop strength in the posterior chain group of muscles and power in the arms, back shoulders and core. It also links the upper-body and lower-body as one unit to build whole-body functional strength.
1. Stand with your feet shoulder width apart. Clean one kettlebell into the rack position. Relax the arms with the shoulders positioned back and down. (See Fig. 1)
2. Sit back onto your heels lowering yourself to the ground, moving your hips backwards as if sitting in a chair. Remember to keep the back straight with the chest held high.
3. Descend into the lowest squat possible aiming to get your hamstrings touching your calves. It’s not necessary but you will develop more power the lower you initially squat. (See Fig. 2)
4. Keeping your weight onto your heels, drive the hips upwards fully extending the hips and knees. Use this power to drive the kettlebell overhead until a lockout is achieved. Make sure you bring your head past the arm so your ear is level with your biceps. (See Fig. 3)
5. As the kettlebell is released from overhead, you want to descend back into squat. Repeat the movement from point 2.

Single Thruster
Fig. 1

Single Thruster
Fig. 2

Single Thruster
Fig. 3

To ensure your safety and stability make sure your abdominals are drawn in, and your glutes are tense throughout the full range of motion. The whole movement should be fluid. There is no pause between the squat and press element