The Overhead Lunge is one of the best functional exercises around. Functional exercises are exercises which work your body in multiple planes of motion like activities of daily living. Alongside squats, the overhead lunge should be one of the base exercises in your fitness program regardless of your goals.
The Overhead Lunge is an excellent lower body conditioning exercise that can help to improve lower-body strength and muscular endurance in multi planes as well as improving your core conditioning, balance and stabilization for any specific movement patterns.
1. Stand with your feet shoulder width apart. Clean and press a kettlebell into an overhead locked out position. Keep your eyes focused on the position of the kettlebell. Relax the arms with the shoulders positioned back and down. (See Fig. 1)
2. Step forward with one leg and descend into the lowest lunge possible aiming to get the knee of your back leg within inches of the floor. Your feet should remain facing forward with your weight balanced evenly. (See Fig. 2)
3. Keep the weight onto the heel of the front leg, drive the hips up and backwards to return to the start position.

Overhead Lunge
Fig. 1

Overhead Lunge
Fig. 2

To ensure your safety and stability make sure your abdominals are drawn in, and your glutes and quadriceps are tense throughout the full movement. I prefer to step forward with the same side leg as the arm that is locked out, but that’s a personal preference. Try with the opposite leg and see which works best for you.