The Kettlebell Overhead Press is generally more challenging exercise when compared with its dumbbell brother. There is a constant pulling of the weight from the centreline of the body, which is great for the core and stabilizing muscles.
The Kettlebell Overhead Press is a great exercise to develop flexibility, strength, muscular endurance and power in the arms, back, shoulders and core.
1. Stand with your feet shoulder width apart. Hold the kettlebell with both hands round the ball and the handle resting near your collarbone. Make sure you have a quadruple extension – ankles, knees, hips and torso. (See Fig. 1)
2. Keep the legs locked out and press the kettlebell upwards in a straight line extending the arms and generating the power through the shoulders. Your glutes, abdominals and quadriceps should all be tense. (See Fig. 2)
3. On the descent elevate the shoulder slightly to help decelerate the kettlebell and absorb the impact as it returns to the rack position. Repeat the movement from point 3.

Kettlebell Overhead Press
Fig. 1

Kettlebell Overhead Press
Fig. 2