Air squats are one of the fundamental movement patterns that you can perform with your own bodyweight. Most commonly performed with a barbells or kettlebells. It’s generally accepted that air squats are a valuable exercise in any athletes or everyday person’s training arsenal.
Air Squats are an excellent lower body conditioning exercise for beginners to master. It will help build a base for fantastic muscular endurance as well as core conditioning and power.
1. Stand with your feet shoulder width apart with the toes pointing out slightly. Arms down by your side. (See Fig. 1)
2. Sit back onto your heels lowering yourself to the ground, pushing your knees out so your thighs are positioned over you feet. Remember to keep the back straight with the chest held high.
3. Descend into the lowest squat possible. Ideally you want to be able to achieve a full depth squat, but for now don’t worry about your depth, focus more on your form. (See Fig. 2)
4. Keeping your weight onto your heels, drive the hips upwards fully extending the legs and knees until a lockout is achieved.

Air Squats
Fig. 1

Air Squats
Fig. 2

To ensure your safety and stability make sure your abdominals are drawn in, and your glutes are tense throughout the full range of motion. Repeat the movement from point 2.