The Incline Ring Row is a deceptive exercise that many people mistakenly overlook, thus missing out on its potential benefits. The big bonus with the Incline Ring Row is that it is infinitely scalable to match or challenge your current level of strength, and they pay huge dividends in terms of grip strength.
The Incline Ring Row can help build the bodyweight strength necessary for pull-ups and rope climbing, whilst helping correct muscular imbalances and deficiencies.
1. To begin with, set your rings to the appropriate height, then assume the bottom position with your arms fully extended and legs together. Depending on your strength would depend on how low you set the rings. Start with them at shoulder height and work down from there. (See Fig. 1)
2. Initiate the pulling motion by retracting the scapula and bending the arms. Keep pulling until you reach the top of the movement, when your elbows are behind your body and your hands are close in to your chest. (See Fig. 2)
3. Pause at the top of the movement then slowly lower with control until you reach the start position. Keep your legs together, knees locked out, and core under tension. Don’t let the hips drop down first. Think about keeping a straight line all the way from the ankles through the hips and to the shoulders.
4. If, with the rings set to shoulder height, this feels to easy lower the further so your torso is more parallel with the floor. Repeat the process from point 2.

Incline Ring Row
Fig. 1

Incline Ring Row
Fig. 2

All the way through the lift ensure that your glutes, abdominals and lats are all tense, with the shoulders tucked back. The movement should be smooth and fluid.