The Kettlebell Double Lying Floor Press is generally more challenging of an exercise when compared with their dumbbell brother. With the Kettlebell Double Lying Floor Press there is a constant pulling of the weight from the centreline of the body, which is great for the core and stabilizing muscles. Horizontal presses or chest presses are a familiar movement usually performed with dumbbells and barbells on benches.
The Kettlebell Double Lying Floor Press is an excellent upper-body exercise to build strength, muscular endurance and power; perfect for muscle isolation whilst tying in the core and working the chest and arms.
1. Lie on the floor. Hold the kettlebells in the corner of the handle, and ensure the handle is set at an angle across from the inside of the thumb to the lower palm. They should be resting in the triangle of the biceps and forearms. Ideally with the elbows tucked in to ease the rest. (See Fig. 1)
2. Your shoulders should be positioned back and down with your abdominals tense. The legs can be flat out or bent at the knee.
3. Press the kettlebells upwards in a straight line above the chest extending the arms, and generating the power through the chest, shoulders and arms. (See Fig. 2)
4. On the descent keep the elbows into the side and decelerate the kettlebell as it returns to the chest. Repeat the movement from point 3.

Double Lying Floor Press
Fig. 1

Double Lying Floor Press
Fig. 2

Throughout the whole press the body should be tense, with your abdominals drawn in and shoulders positioned back and down. The movement should be smooth and fluid.