The Kettlebell Double Bent Over Row is one of the most recognised movement patterns. The Double Bent Over Row is more often than not performed with dumbbells and barbells. The Kettlebell Double Bent Over Row is a cool variation and offers the same benefits with the added effect of core conditioning.
Kettlebell Double Bent Over Rows are an excellent upper-body conditioning exercise that primarily works the muscles of the back, such as the lats, rhomboids, and mid and lower traps, but rows also works the legs, core, and hips.
1. Stand over the kettlebells. Lift them up using a dead-lift technique, the grip should be neutral with your fingers underneath the handle and the thumbs positioned on top. Make sure you have a quadruple extension – ankles, knees, hips and torso.
2. Bend at the waist and push your hips away keeping your knees over your ankles. Lower the chest down making sure your back is straight and the shoulders remain back and down. The kettlebells should be in front of the legs. (See Fig. 1)
3. Pull both kettlebells up towards the hip, keeping the elbows into the side. The Upperbody and hips should remain still. The shoulders should be back whilst maintaining a neutral position with the head. (See Fig. 2)
4. Descend the kettlebells back to the start position by reversing the prior movement

Double Bent Over Row
Fig. 1

Double Bent Over Row
Fig. 2

All the way through the lift ensure that your glutes, abdominals and lats are all tense. The movement should be smooth and fluid.